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Welcome to my personal & business website!Freelance SEO Specialist

You are here probably because you need SEO services to improve traffic (and sales). Yes, that is my job and I can for sure help you to give your website a new life and increase your organic traffic. Feel free to contact me for any questions but please first take a look on my website and read few pages to see how I work and if I am a good option for you or not.

About Me in Short...

I am 32 years old and I live in Serbia (some corrupted country in east/south Europe).

I am pretty long online, in internet business, and from the end of 2009. highly focused only on SEO - organic search.

I am a freelancer, not a company, and I have a group of people working for me, to cover almost everything needed for a successful SEO campaign.

My prices are not cheap but you will get quality and long term results and most important - your investments will be returned back thru increased sales.


My Principles...

SEO is a pretty risky business if you do that wrong way. If you plan to hire me then you be sure that anything risky will not be done. Yes, that's a bit problematic because when you do quality SEO results are not so fast and it needs patience.

Many website owners are used to hire SEO companies obsessed with nice numbers they see on their websites. So, if you are looking for "1000 of this, 100 of that, 250 this kind submissions, 300 that kind submissions" and similar things - please find out company that offers that.

I am focused on RESULTS.



Am I a good option for you?

I am hired by and prefer to work for small to medium sized companies. If you are a business owner and you want to brand yourself online, spread a word about you online and improve your visibility on search engines - then I can be a good option for you.

I like to work with serious business people who think in advance and plan to do their business long in future. So, if you are really serious you know that there is no business where you invest $10.000 and make $100.000 in a couple of months (unless you have an brilliant and unique concept).
So, do not ask me to make you a millionaire in a year. I will make you richer, but that comes by time!



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